The three most common shapes for bathroom vanities

The three most common shapes for bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanity sets have become a popular part of every homeowner's bathroom space. Even those homes that were designed before the age of bathroom vanities are being remodeled to accommodate the area. For years, the bathroom has been an abandoned sector when it comes to interior design. All you had to do is to have space for showering, and a toilet bowl, sink, and you are right. However, more attention has been sent the way of bathrooms with regard to interior design with the introduction of bathtubs, finishes, and other components like bathroom vanities. Several aspects go into getting the right bathroom vanity bunnings may be the solution. 

In this post, we look at the different shapes of bathroom vanity sets to consider while renovating your bathroom space. 

Bathroom Vanity Shapes

1. Square Bathroom Vanities

Square bathroom vanities are some of the most popular in the industry. The square shape for bathroom vanity is used mostly in smaller bathroom spaces. The small size also means that they are cheaper and less troublesome when it comes to installation. Square bathroom vanities can be used to host both single and double sinks and sink bowls. Different types of sinks can also be installed on the vanity set, and the cabinets on a square bathroom vanity set can be used for adequate storage.

2. Round Bathroom Vanities 

Round bathroom vanity sets are not quite popular in the market. The few that have this type and shape of bathroom vanity set have it installed in the powder rooms. As compared to other configurations of bathroom vanities, the round-shaped vanity set is more prevalent among homeowners with small bathroom spaces. The downside to this shape of bathroom vanity is that it can only host one sink, and the storage space in the cabinets is lesser, owing to the small size of the vanity. 

3. Rectangular Bathroom Vanities

Rectangular bathroom vanities are more common in more substantial spaces as they tend to consume a lot of space. This means that they would work well in a master bathroom, hotel rooms, and other larger rooms. The rectangular bathroom vanity works much better with two separate sinks and sinks bowls as space can host both. The amount of space for storage in such vanity is also enough to hold towels, toiletries, makeup and other items like blow dryers, an iron box and a hair curler, among others.

Factors to consider when determining the shape for a bathroom vanity

Space- the different shapes require different amounts of space; hence, the space available is an essential factor to consider. 

Cost- larger vanities tend to cost more hence the need to consider the cost.

Design- it is always wise to choose a shape that matches the aesthetics of your bathroom interior design and your taste as well. 

Final Word

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom and have sink in place; you may want to consider the type of sink, design, and shape before deciding on which configuration of vanity to build around your sink.