Why Every Parent Should Put Their Children Into Private Swim Lessons

Why Every Parent Should Put Their Children Into Private Swim Lessons

During the early 60s, for the first time, doctors started to publish papers that showed the clear link between smoking tobacco and the many different lung diseases associated with it that we all know today.

After these claims started to pop up, what ensued was a terrifying battle between the tobacco companies with their millions of dollars in marketing and doctors with their… Well, science.

This is a fairly well known series of events and it is thanks to the unwillingness of this areas doctors to give up their findings, that we today know precisely how devastating tobacco actually is for our health.

Today’s topic isn’t tobacco, we are past that as a society and hopefully we’ll never have to deal with that again. Instead, today we want to talk to you about something that has a nature similar to what we discussed – Private Swim Lesson!

You might not see the parallels but that’s okay, hopefully by the end we will be able to convince you that there is something more than meets the eye here.

Similar to the knowledge that we have on smoking, we also know how devastating drowning-related accidents actually are. 3,960 people die annually of drowning, a deceivingly large number. Which becomes especially painful, when you realize that children are the ones most affected.

Any respected health related organization will tell you that the best way to prevent and avoid these fatalities are swimming lessons.

Taking all of this into account you can see why parents feel the need to get swim lessons for their children. However, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

We believe that every parent should put their children to private swimming lessons, just because of how superior swimming lessons are.

The parallels between the pro-smoking propaganda and modern day swimming lessons discourse, become a bit clearer when you realize some of the things that go on within the latter.

“But my uncle smoked and he never got sick” is the equivalent of “But I learned from group lessons”. While this completely ignores the obvious ‘survivor bias’, it also fails to take into account the thing lost.

Maybe this hypothetical uncle would had lived longer, and our hypothetical swimmer would have definitely advanced much further and quicker with private lessons.

That’s not all though, the other parallels are with the misinformation and myths that surrounded smoking then, and surround swim lessons now.

Every  comparable advantage, as far as swimming lessons go, can be found within private lessons and then some.

But Group Lessons Are Cheaper…

Let’s start with the most famous and longest enduring one – “group lessons are cheaper”. This is a myth that can trick many into believing it to be a fact.

You can immediately dismiss this as false, solely based on the exchange of value for money. Private lessons provide a much greater ‘bang for your buck’ then any other sort of lesson.

That isn’t all though. All studies in this area show time and time again, that people who take private swim lessons progress so much faster than those who take other sorts of lessons.

If you think about in financial terms, you are better paying for a few expensive lessons than continues spending smaller amount on lessons that simply do not yield results.

While there are companies that do charge astronomically high prices, not all of the companies which provide such services do so.

If price has been one of the things that has crossed your mind when considering swim lessons, then we can guarantee you that, at the very least, private swim lessons are the best value you can buy.

I’ll Teach My Children To Swim

While there are many and many cases of people learning to swim thanks to a friend, parents, family member or even on their own, this is a very risky route to take.

Learning to swim on your own can give you a false sense of security, making you take risks that your swimming skills simply aren’t good enough for.

If you have a teacher, it can be much easier to realistically assess your progress and level of ability. The same applies for children, when the one judging their skills is the person who loves them the most – the parent.

It should go without saying that learning will be easier and finished in a more timely manner if it is done by a professional.

Finding Private Swim Lesson For My Children

We can all agree at this point that there is no reason, or to be realistic, no justification for you not to start with private swimming lessons right away.

You might find yourself a little bit hesitant. Where do you even find an instructor? How do I go about finding private swimming lessons for my children?

The easy and convenient solution is InstaSwim! A company which serves nation-wide, InstaSwim takes all the hassle of finding a swim instructor away, to leave you only the fun and benefits.

Being a mobile swim school, the instructor will come to your pool location and provide lessons for you, your children, or both, within the comfort of your own pool!

InstaSwim’s mission has been the same, since the day of its conception – drowning prevention, one swim lesson at a time! To achieve that mission, your help is needed! Register today.

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